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Airline miles are a popular form of reimbursement from rewards programs these days. Credit cards from many companies come with this option, which you can avail with each expense – there is a spending threshold beyond which you are awarded a certain number of airline miles for each dollar spent.

Airline cards also offer mileage returns, which are credited to the person’s account. These can accumulate to the point of footing your next ticket, but you need to use them before expiration so they do not go to waste. And if you are not planning on flying, you should be seriously looking to sell airline miles for cash.

How This Works

Find a trusted mileage broker online, and submit a form containing information about the number of miles you want to let go of. You can choose to get cash or rewards points in exchange. This option is much better on returns than redeeming points with your airline program. Broker sites such as YYZ Miles let you easily sell airline miles for cash, for the best returns, and through secure methods.

Buying Miles

Buying Airline Miles

Exchanging Airline Miles

You can just as easily buy as sell airline miles for cash online, using broker sites. If you are in need of a few more points to top off your account, then this option is just what you need. You can save tons of money this way, as opposed to taking a paid flight just for the rewards. Airline program charge extortionately for each mile at around 3 cents, but why go out up with that when YYZ Miles can spare you most of that expense? Fill in a form and gain access to our superbly offers. Top up your mileage to get that vacation ticket you have had an eye on, and do this for cheap.

YYZ Miles is a professional service that assists flyers and credit card owners to buy and sell airline miles for cash. We strive to offer the most secure and fast transactions on your reward points and airline miles, and have a long line of satisfied customers who prefer bringing their business to us.

Your airline program may only offer paltry returns on rightfully earned points, but here, you stand to receive top dollar returns on every mile you have saved up. Neither does buying airline miles get any more profitable.

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