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For a smart traveler, it is always a good idea to be able to get valuable travel rewards without paying an annual fee for the source of these. Because over time, every customer comes to realize that annual fees aren’t a small expense. While for the big spender this may not bring the same cost per point, others who hold multiple credit card accounts would definitely notice that award travel isn’t as lucrative when you consider this factor.

The best credit cards come with a great offer that is never diminished in appeal – low annual fees, or even waived fees for the first year. The smart way to look at this is that you get costs cut in half over two years. That is usually long enough for the terms to change, or for you to find a better card and cancel this one.

One option couples and families can minimize their annual fees is by sharing cards. Most airline credit cards offer a freebie to the primary holder, and there is no need to keep more than one if you travel together all the time, or frequently enough.

Another way to get fees waived is by asking. Call the card issuer and see if they will do it. Though there is no guarantee, what is the harm in trying? You may get additional reward points or miles instead, which may add up to almost as much as the annual fees which didn’t get waived.

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The Chase Sapphire is one card whose benefits justify the $95 annual fee. Award-travel buffs prefer it for the waived annual fee for the first year, and the fact that there are no foreign transaction fees involved. Sign up bonus is 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points at present, when the new cardholder has spent $4,000 within the first three months of opening the account. Bring in another authorized user and you get 5,000 points bonus.

The Citi ThankYou Premier Card isn’t bad either. With partners like Virgin America, they bring valuable benefits to customers, and annual fees are waived here too, with no foreign transaction fees.

The problem is always when you have points stacked up and no way good way left to spend. When you get there, it is a good idea to let go of those rewards for a tidy profit. Whether to sell AmEx points or sell Citi Thank You points, YYZ Miles can help you find the perfect buyer and the perfect deal.

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