Gifting Or Transferring Free Reward Points – Some Useful Tips

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Transfer Miles

It is not always easy to use up all your free reward points. Occasionally, you would forget about them or don’t have any good chance to use them in the most rewarding way. In such scenario, you can transfer your points to someone whom you trust, say, your family members or friends.

Transferring miles is not same as to selling miles or reward points. When you sell miles, you do it in exchange of money and you do it through resale websites. When you transfer, you just share it with someone who you trust.

There are two different ways to share miles: gifting and transferring. Gifting miles does not incur any charges whereas transferring miles would incur some fee. So if you don’t have any plan to use or sell miles, the next best option is gifting them to someone in need of that.

Transfer To Another Member Who Uses The Same Reward Program

If you have any plan to gifting your free miles to someone, make sure that you are transferring it to a person who uses the same program. When you transfer miles or free reward points through a same reward program, the transaction fee will be nominal or sometimes there won’t be any charges at all.

To transfer your miles, simply login to your account and look for any option for ‘transferring miles.’ If you see any link for that, click on it and follow the on-screen directions to complete the transfer. If you don’t find any options for transferring miles there, call the customer support desk for assistance with the same.

Sell Miles

Gift Miles

Learn About The Transaction Charges

The transaction charges on transferring or gifting reward miles can be quite high with some companies. For instance, American Airlines charges $50 to transfer 1,000 to 5,000 miles. Figure out what your service provider charges, and move ahead accordingly.

Most often, people are forced to transfer or gift miles because they don’t get any time to use their miles in time. If you fall in that line, set some reminders on your computer or cell phone, so that you can check your miles validity and use them properly. Or, you can always go for selling miles, if you are sure you won’t need them in any way later.

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