Google Introduces Android Pay Feature – Users Can Earn Reward Points Till 29th February

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If you are someone who really cares about free reward points, you must know about earning points through Android Pay. Android Pay is an NFC (Near Field Communication) payment option. Although it is handy and more easy to use than credit cards, it is still not used by many. Owing to this, Google is offering attractive rewards to customers who use this feature.

According to some studies, the reason why many are not using the Android Pay feature is the difficulty in setting it up. But once it up and running correctly, you would find it really amazing and easy to handle.

The New Incentive

Google, the developer of Android and many associated services, is up with its latest ‘Tap 10’ promotion option. It allows users to get free reward points whenever they use the Android Pay feature. The amount of points you get is subject to the terms and conditions.

Not all users would get the same amount of points for the same payment they make through this feature though. Occasionally, you would find yourself with no points at all. It all depends on the decision of Google.

Despite the aforementioned types of uncertainties, Android Pay is a feature that is worth trying out. If not reward points, you would get other benefits like freebies. They include free songs for downloads, free Chromecast, etc.

Earn Reward Points

Free Reward Points

Unlike credit cards, there are no charges for using the Android Pay feature. Moreover, you wouldn’t be charged any extra bucks on your purchases through this service. It acts just like a smaller bank. There are options to link your physical Google wallet card with the Android Pay service. Hence, setting up it is not a big deal at all.

As Google is one of the leading software developers and the one behind the Android operating system itself, most of the vendors are ready to accept payments via the Android Pay feature.

This promotion by Google will continue until 29 February. United States citizens will be the first to try out this feature and earn free reward points. However, the rewards you earn from this service are valid only until 31st of March. So, if you earn any points, make sure to redeem them by March.

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