How A Broker Site Can Help You Sell AA Miles At A Profit

Sell American Airline Miles

Sell Airline Miles

“Why would you sell American Airline miles online?” I have heard this dozens of times coming from friends and family, because many of them actually think this is not legal. Then what about the thousands of people doing this every day around the country? These people want to either buy or sell American Airline miles for a bargain, and they manage it just fine with the help of trusted broker sites, such as YYZ Miles.

Why would you sell American Airline Miles in the first place?

Because you don’t have any use for them. If you did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post. So for some reason – you do not fly a lot, you are done with flying, or there are too few points to count towards a ticket – you want to let go of those rewards, but at a profit. Selling them is the rational conclusion.

What the airline wants you to do

YYZ Miles

Sell Airline Points

AA and other airlines don’t like you buying or selling their miles to anyone else. The reason is simple. When you adhere to the miles program regulations and transact with them instead, they can serve you a lousy deal. Which you would take because you don’t have anyone else who will buy or sell AA miles for a more attractive price; or so you thought. And you end up either short selling or overpaying, when you could be cutting a better deal elsewhere.

The cent per mile returns you can get by finding a buyer will always beat what the airline offers. By the same token, someone could be letting go of their miles for a lot cheaper than the airline does. As long as transaction pulls through the right way, there is no way the airline is going to find out you are transacting with a total stranger.

If you decide to sell AA miles this way, broker sites such as YYZ Miles can find a buyer and get back to you. When a person lines up to buy, you can use one of several transfer methods, depending on what works best for you. All you would need to do is give them the details about your points, and a number or email they can get back to you on. As for the buyer, it is likely someone looking to top off for their next holiday. There is always someone looking to buy miles, so you are covered.

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