How to Book Cheaper Air Tickets

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Book Cheaper Air Tickets

Airfare can be the biggest expense of many trips. Many a times, expensive air tickets mean that you will have to choose destination that is more affordable or cut down the expenses at the vacation spots to stay within your budget. If you are wondering how to book cheap flights, you can follow the tips that are shared below.

Book Early

Airline experts say that plane tickets can jump in price in the final three weeks of departure. Booking the flight ticket as soon as possible is the best way to bag the ticket for the lowest possible price. It will be possible for you to get the best rates if you can book the ticket before three months to thirty days prior.

Set Price Alerts

If you are not ready to buy the ticket much early, you can set a price alert, which can notify you when the ticket prices rises or drops. Tickets prices can fluctuate and even a small drop in the price can help you have large savings, if you are planning to buy a ticket for every member of your family. Travel search engines such as Google Flights can even offer you the details of different flight trends in the form of a graph. You can make use of the graphical data to understand the price trends.

Book Connection Flight

If you are not in a rush to reach your destination, you can book a connection flight, as it can be cheaper option that boarding a non-stop flight. You can search with filters like non-stop, one stop, and two plus stops in the travel search engines. Experts say that it is also a good idea to fly in mixed carriers, as it might help you save some cash.

Use Multiple Travel Portals

Before directly booking the ticket from the carrier’s website, you need to compare the price with third party booking websites. You might be possible to find better deals in third party websites, at times. You can find many third party websites and comparing the price, and if you are lucky enough, these sites might help you bag a discount on the air ticket.

Use Airline Reward Points

If you are a frequent flyer, or prefer traveling with a specific airline only, join the airline membership plan to get reward points each time you travel. This way, you could have enough airline points one day that you could buy a flight ticket for free. However, if you wanted to make the most of air miles, you would need to keep an eye on the expiry dates.

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