How To Capitalize On A Gift Card If You Are Not Going To Use

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Gift cards are a form of reward offered for making use of a company’s credit card. But many people have neither the chance nor inclination to make use of the gift cards they get. For instance, you could get a card to a theme park that is miles away from where you. What do you do when it starts to look like the card will go to waste?

Just as you can sell miles for cash, there is also the option to let go of your gift cards for a profit. If you get a card from a store you don’t need to buy from, or one that isn’t in easy driving distance, selling it is a good way to avoid waste. Cash you get in return can be spent on anything, while the card itself would throttle your options considerably. People who sell miles for cash rarely look back and see it as a bad move; the same holds true where gift cards are concerned.

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In fact, the two are similar in that you won’t get the face value of what you’re selling. When you sell miles for cash, there is only up to 90% of the worth that you will be compensated for. Still, this keeps it all from going to waste, because unlike cash, most gift cards come with an expiry date. Someone else can buy it from you and make good use of it. You need to ensure that you gain as much as you can from the sale.

Also important is the mode of payment, which can be any of Check, PayPal, Facebook Credits, Amazon Gift Card, or something else. Also, watch if choosing any of these options would cost you extra. PayPal may charge you for receiving a payment, for example. Go with the option you are aware of, and most comfortable with.

Besides that, it is good to stay updated of new deals from the site. Sign up for a newsletter and see if they are in search of the kind of card you have. Sometimes the rates can go really high, and as long as you can wait, it will be worth in if you get to cash in gift cards for more. You can even sell miles for cash on these broker sites – many accept all kinds of reward points.

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