How To Convert Free Miles And Points Received Through Capital One Reward Program

Cash Your Miles

Cash For Miles

By being a little conscious about the rewards you are offered each time when you make a purchase or use flyer programs, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits such as points and free miles. There are quite a number of programs that offer free miles to their customers. If you are not someone who travels very often, you can cash your miles and use it for some other purposes.

Capital One Reward Program is one of such programs that are becoming popular among the people today. The best part is that the accumulated points or free miles you get through this program can be used in a variety of ways.

How to redeem the points through Capital One Reward Program

Redeeming the points you have got through the Capital One Reward Program is quite simple. All you need to do is to visit your Capital One Reward account and work out the following steps.

Open your web browser and load the login page of your Capital One Reward program. You should remember your login credentials for the same. If you forgot the same, use the Forgot Password link to retrieve the password and get access to the account. After signing into the account, go straight to the rewards page. You should be able to see your accumulated miles or points there.

Convert Free Miles

Convert Miles To Cash

If miles are convertible to cash, you should see options to cash your miles as well. Read the information provided in the rewards page. If you do not find any option to utilize your points or miles, go to the Help section and read through the Frequently Asked Questions section. If that does not help either, consider contacting the customer support desk and clarify your concerns.

Different ways to convert free miles and points

Many Capital One Reward Programs allow their customers to use their accumulated points and miles in a variety of ways. This includes options to cash your miles, donate your miles, use the miles and points for online shopping, or to purchase gift cards. If you are a frequent user of the program, you can set up automatic cash back payments when a certain points or miles are reached.

Capital One Reward Program is an effective way to lighten your financial crisis. So, do not waste any opportunity to make use of these programs and cash your miles.

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