How To Earn Maximum Chase Rewards Points

Sell Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Chase Ultimate Reward Points

People just love Chase Ultimate Rewards Points and there are a lot of reasons for it. These reward points can be easily transferred to hotel or flyer programs, such as Marriot, Hyatt, IHG, Amtrak, Ritz Carlton, Korean Air, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, etc., that give the best deal to you. Besides that, Chase points are very easy to earn and there are many ways to earn them.

People can earn Chase reward points by making referrals, using their card for everyday spending and online shopping, etc. They also make for a great initial sign up bonus. There is also another way called churning, wherein people can earn huge sign up bonuses again and again, by applying for the same credit card every two years.

How To Keep Earning Rewards Points

This can be done by applying for every credit card that will earn you ultimate reward points. At present, Chase offers two business cards: Ink Cash and Ink Plus, as well as two personal cards: Chase Sapphire and Chase Freedom. Applying for them can earn you a sign up bonus, plus rewards for spending a certain amount in the first three months.

Sell Chase Points

Earn Chase Rewards Points

It would also be wise to sign up for the card when the sign up bonus is higher than normal. You can also earn category bonus on all the Chase credit cards. So it would be great if you can pay your internet, cell phone, and cable TV services bills using the auto pay services with Chase cards.

Chase also offers the opportunity to refer your friends and earn points in return from time to time. You earn 500 points when you send a referral link to your friend and they apply for the card. You have an option to refer up to 10 friends and earn 50,000 bonus points.

Chase has its own online shopping portal as well, and you can earn Chase Ultimate reward points by shopping on these websites. You can also sell Chase points online, with the help of a reliable third party agent, such as YYZ Miles.

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