How To Earn Miles Through Dining Programs

Dining programs are one of the easiest and simplest ways to boost your miles and points. One of the major benefits of dining programs is that you can earn rewards for dining in a restaurant, together with what you will earn from the credit card that is used to pay the bill.

Bonuses will be automatically added to your loyalty account when you make an eligible purchase. This means that you will not have to do anything extra to claim the bonus. All major domestic airlines in the country offer dining programs to their customers to help them accumulate more points or miles.

If you are able to earn miles or points from more than one dining program on a single purchase, then you can count yourself lucky. However, it is significant to note that this will not be sustainable in the longer run because the system is set up in such a way to prevent this from happening. There are businesses to administrate the dining programs that are offered by most of the airlines in the country.

You will have to link a credit card to your loyalty account when you are signing up for a dining program. You can enjoy the luxury of signing up for as many dining programs as you like, but the bitter thing is that you will have to use a different card for each one of these programs.

If you try to register your credit card for a second program, then the card will be automatically unregistered from the first dining program, meaning that it is impossible to earn miles or points from two dining programs at the same time. However, you still have the option to link different cards to different dining programs to earn bonuses. For instance, you could link your Citi ThankYou Premier Card to Southwest Rapid Rewards Dining and your Chase Sapphire Preferred Card to United MileagePlus Dining, as it will help you to get more bonuses.

The best strategy that customers can adopt is to link their go-to credit card for restaurant spending to the dining program of choice. But, there is no downside to linking the other cards to other dining programs. It will also allow you to earn bonuses for all eligible dining expenses.

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