How To Get Better Value During Transactions Of Free Miles And Rewards

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You may have heard many people telling about the amount of points they have managed to collect through purchases. They are quite happy about what they have got. But, are they really making use of their points?

A recent study shows that less than half of the people really benefit from their free miles or reward points. Others would often find that their free miles have just expired or depreciated. Interestingly, there are numerous ways to use your free airline miles and reward points these days, and you just need to find the right platform to use yours.

Using Miles Before They Expire

You can sell Delta miles or whatever types of miles you have got in exchange of cash if you are not really planning to utilize them. If you have got enough time to spend, you can make much greater benefits from free miles. You can also use them for subscribing to magazines, hotel rents, or for shopping online.

If you are careful while using up the miles, you can get the best value from them. Keep an eye on the shopping sites that allow you to shop using your miles. Sign up an account in a shopping portal that offers the most value and purchase items when the best deal is announced. Else, go for the conventional way of booking flight tickets with your miles.

How To Sell Delta Miles For Better Value?

Sell Delta Miles

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If you want to sell your miles or points for higher value, you need to sell them at the right time. Remember that your miles will have different values at different times of the year. For instance, you may be able to sell them for better value in the first few months of the year. As the year reaches the middle, the value of miles becomes less. This is because during the middle of the year, most free miles/points programs would have availed their offers. As such, more miles will be in supply with less demand for them.

Based on this very economic theory, the miles/points will have very low value. By the end of the year, the value will rise again because by this time most people would have sold out their free miles/rewards. Again, the fundamental economic theory comes to play – when demand rises, price also will rise.

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