How to Get Maximum Value for Your AmEx Membership Rewards

Best value out of AmEx Membership Rewards can be achieved by transferring them to partners. Some hotels and airlines have deals that give maximum value for your rewards as compared to Uber, shopping sites, and others. Here are some options you can check out when you plan to sell AmEx points.

Singapore Suites in an A380

Singapore Airlines offers one of the best first-class experiences. Cost for the suites from US Central/East to Singapore is 110,000 miles, and from West Coast to Singapore is 112,500 miles. You can transfer your reward points to Singapore Airlines and then use the miles with Star Alliance partners. This can be best benefited in Domestic USA travel, USA to Hawaii, USA to Europe, USA to the Middle East, and USA to Central/South Africa.

ANA Mileage Club

By using ANA, you can redeem points for flights from North America to Asia Zone I (China, Korea, Guam, Hong Kong,, Taiwan, and Philippines), from North America to Japan, and from North America to Asia Zone II (India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam). You will need to transfer 10,000 points to ANA for that.

If you are flying ANA partner airlines, then the best option would be to buy flight tickets from North America to Europe and from North America to Africa/Middle East (like Los Angeles to Johannesburg).

AirFrance or KLM

FlyingBlue on AirFrance holds special “Promo Awards” that give you 50% off on certain flights. You get best value when flying from USA to Europe, USA to Puerto Rico, USA to Hawaii, USA to Tahiti, Houston to Northern South America, and USA to Tel Aviv.

British Airways Avios

British Airways has some good redeeming offers for your reward points. You get a transfer ratio of 1.25:1 for your reward miles, which can be used to buy tickets from USA (East Coast) to Europe, USA (West Coast) to Hawaii, Domestic USA/North America short-haul, Boston to Dublin, Miami to the Caribbean, Miami to Lima, Peru, and New York to Berlin. Another great advantage of British Airways is that they don’t add any last minute booking fees.

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