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Sell United Miles

Cashing In Miles

United Airlines gives ticket vouchers to customers who have their seats cancelled on an overbooked flight. This is to compensate them for the inconvenience, allowing the customer to acquire benefits to make up for missing time, and of course, the intended flight. Calling up a representative that works with the airline program can easily get you a free or discounted flight. What the airline company does not allow is redeeming vouchers online; that option has been out the window since December 2010.

After you grab a voucher from the airlines program, which will let you pay less for your next flight, get in touch with the customer service representative and ask them to put the call through to an agent. Give your voucher number and intended date and time of travel, and after that’s done; check your email for the e-ticket. If you want a printed ticket, you will have to ask for it specifically. Issue of either ticket will cancel your voucher, so it cannot be used again.

What if you are not flying anywhere? Can you sell United miles?

While the airline does not give the option of redeeming online, you can still find someone to pay you for miles. For that person, this may be just the thing to top off their own mileage, so they can pay for their next flight. You, meanwhile, can walk away richer from getting rid of miles you do not really need.

How to sell United miles

Air Miles

Sell Reward Points

It is possible to hand off you United reward balance to an online mileage broker for some tidy cash. This is based on the number of miles you intend to cash in, and the rate you manage to get from them on the mile. Of course, that keeps changing with the flying season, so timing is an important thing to watch when you sell United miles.

Who to sell United miles to?

Your best bet at making good money on those rewards is to get in touch with YYZ Miles, one of the most lucrative broker options for flyers looking to cash in their air miles. The best part is that they will have a buyer lined up who is willing to match your asking price, and transactions will move forward smoothly and securely.

Head to the offer page online and fill in your details. Wait for them to get back to your with a buyer willing to take on your miles.

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