How To Make The Best Use Of Your Airline Miles

Sell Your Airline Miles

Using Airline Miles

The Dividend Miles program from US Airways offers rewards on the basis of flying with the main airline, or a partner. What you get is are miles on your airline credit card, and these can be spent on subsequent flights or upgrades, as long as you have sufficient points in your account. This works with partners such as Air Berlin, American Airlines, and Japan Airlines, to name a few. Here are things you can do with those miles.

Booking Online

This is one way to redeem the points you have earned through flying with an airline. You can choose from reward flights offered in the program, for which the available travel dates and times will be listed on the airline’s website.

Award charts can give a better idea of how many miles will be required for the different flights and upgrades. The options will be limited. Normal booking procedures here, but you will be using the miles card instead of a normal credit card.

Sell your airline miles online

You can sell your airline miles back to the company itself, but that is not an option, which nets good returns. In fact, most people consider it a waste of hard-earned points, because the airline assigns lower rates to them. However, it is faster than the alternatives, and you can get rid of the rewards without much effort.

Miles Card

Selling Airline Miles

Sell your airline miles with a mileage broker

Using an airline or credit card mileage broker comes with the benefit of appealing rates. Also, these points will go to someone who is in need of them, usually to top off their own mileage balance for the next flight. The broker site lines up such a buyer and oversees transfers and transactions. To get started, the seller simply has to give details on what they are selling, and an email or phone number so they can be contacted when a buyer is found.

Broker sites such as YYZ Miles can get you a good deal if you are looking to let go of your reward miles for a profit. When you sell your airline miles this way, you do not need to pay the same extortionate service fees that airline companies often charge. Try out their services once and see what you think. Head to the offer page and fill out your details, and you will be contacted shortly with a good deal.

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