How To Make Use Of Your Airline Points

Cash For Points

Sell Your Airline Points

These days, airlines have frequent flyer reward programs, which let you exchange travelled miles for rewards, usually flying tickets. That means if you have enough of these, you can take a flight for free. This is not the only thing you can do with your miles or points though. These can be bought, sold or transferred, just as you do with money.

Selling your airline miles

A free trip using your accumulated miles is a mean benefit to enjoy, but not everyone wants to use his or her miles this way. But someone else wants the points you are looking to dump, and you would no doubt want a profit. You can easily get cash for points using a broker; they will take care of the whole deal – finding a buyer, transferring your points to the buyer’s account, etc. You get the payment after the transaction pulls through, and you are that much richer from selling airline points you had no other use for.

What else you can do with your miles

Airlines let you transfer your points to other people such as family and friends, and even charities. However, the hitch is that the receiving party should have an account with the same airline.

The rewards program page will have a ‘Transfer Miles’ link where you can enter account information and details like how many miles to transfer, as well as information about the recipient’s account. Keep in mind, however, that there will be processing charges for each transfer, so you will lose some cash for points transferred each time.

Selling Airline Points

Sell Credit Care Points

You can buy miles too, if need a few to reach a certain number. This goal may be the value of your next planned ticket. The airline’s rewards program would allow you to buy directly, or you could get a discounted deal from a broker service that accepts cash for points.

A trusted broker site would act as the middleman in your dealings with the selling party, and you could also get discounted tickets from the site. Matching your per mile price with that of a seller is made a lot easier, and you only need to wait until an agreeable party enters the scene. After you pay the broker, the seller’s miles will be transferred to your airline account.

If you are looking to get cash for points through a fast and secure payout, check out one of the better sites such as YYZ Miles.

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