How To Trade In Your Airline Miles For Cash

Sell My Rewards

Sell Reward Points Online

One thing that makes people feel good is earning cash from selling their rewards online. While there are plenty of instances where it is easier and more appealing to spend these on flights, gift cards, rentals, hotel accommodation, etc. many people simply cannot find the energy or need for that kind of stuff. And if you have been there, no grass looks greener than cashing in these points somewhere. Following are questions many people need answered in this regard.

Can I sell my rewards?

Yes, you can. If you have it as a coupon, you can even sell it to buyers outside the airline program. These days there are mileage broker services, which can find a buyer for you, and set up secure transactions.

Why would I sell my rewards this way?

While airline programs offer a way to get rid of those extra miles, they do not pay much per mile. When you go with a broker site on the same deal the rates you get are almost always higher, meaning you earn more on the mile. Also for some, it is better knowing that someone else is probably topping off mileage towards their next ticket. If you are not big on that, the attractive rates should be enough to lean you in favor of this option.

How would I sell my rewards this way?

Reward Points

Sell Your Reward Points

Head to the YYZ Miles offer page and choose the sell option. Fill in the form and specify what type of rewards you are selling. Also, mention how many miles you are looking to sell. Other important parts are the airline name and expiry date for the miles. Give your asking price and wait for the broker to get in touch with you.

When a buyer comes up with a matching price to the one you have given, the broker will mediate the transfer and payment. You need only wait for the latter to go through and get quite a few bucks richer on the other side of it. I would gladly sell my rewards using this broker the next time I rack some up.

YYZ Miles offers some of the best rates on airline and credit card mileage. Also assured is the safe transfer of your reward points to a secure account, as well as payment using the method that works best for you. These people can make your sale an easy and rewarding one; visit the offer page before those miles expire.

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