How To Use American Express Points To Book Flights

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Points To Book Flight

If you don’t want to sell American Express points, you can use them for a variety of purposes like shopping, buying flight tickets, book hotels, etc. These points are really worth your effort and can serve as real money in times when you are cash stripped. Here are the simple steps to use your American Express points for flight bookings.

Look For A Flight Service That Accepts Your Points

American Express points are accepted in most places. So you do not need to worry about using for booking flight tickets. However, as a precaution, check with the flight service and find out if they have any issues with accepting your points at the moment.

If you login to your account with the Membership Reward Website and go to the Book Now tab, you would find a list of flights that you could use without any problems. Do a basic search for the flight, specifying your travel date, origin and destination details, etc. Choose the suitable flight and proceed with the booking procedure.

Determine The Value Of Your Points And Pay With Them

You can decide on how many points you want to redeem after checking the actual value of the points. Normally, you would get $100 against 10,000 points. If your flight costs you $500, redeem about 25,000 points from your store. This will credit $250 to your account. You then have to pay just $250 from your pocket.

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Book Flight Tickets

Some flights have set a limit for using the points; say 10% of the actual cost. So if the flight ticket costs $1000, you can pay only 10% of it through the points. You need to make the remaining in cash. In such scenarios, redeem about 10,000 points from your reward account so that you will get $100 credited to your account. Add the rest of the amount using your credit card.

Transfer Your American Express Points To Flyer Program

Most airline services offer frequent flyer programs. It means you get some miles each time when you fly with them. If you are a member of a frequent flyer program and have managed to get some free miles, you can combine both the miles the reward points you have from American Express to book a flight ticket.

Booking flights is one of the best options to use your rewards if you don’t want to sell American Express points. But if you do, head to our sell miles or reward points page and grab the best deal.

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