How To Use Free Reward Points For Uber Rides

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Use Reward Points

Free reward points can make your life a lot simpler. By using them, you can reduce your financial burden to a great extent. Most credit card companies offer reward points these days. In order to use your credit/debit cards for the reward points, you need to enrol them with your desired program.

How To Use Your American Express Points For Uber Rides

Uber is the world’s most popular cab service. One of the reasons for its huge popularity is their transparency. They make everything transparent. Paying the charges is very simple as well. You can pay them through credit/debit cards, Uber credits, etc. Recently Uber has started to accept reward points as well. So, if you can’t sell American Express points or other reward miles you have, the best alternative option now would be to use them for Uber rides.

If you want to get Uber rides through your reward points, you first need to connect your credit card where your rewards are accumulated with your Uber account. You can download the Uber App, which is free, and book your rides directly from the app. Once you have connected your rewards point account with your Uber account, you will see free reward option among the payment options. If you have enough reward points to meet the ride, you can use them straight away.

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Reward Program Providers

You need to have 100 Membership Rewards points in order to cover every $1 charged by Uber for the rides. However, note that you will not be provided with the “Use Reward Points” option if you have chosen any third party service or electronic wallet as one of your payment options in your Uber account.

Each time you use your reward points for the Uber rides, your credit card provider or reward program provider will deduct those points from your account. You can see the details of the point deduction in your monthly statement of reward points. You can find this by logging into your reward point account.

Sometimes, you may not have enough reward points in your account to cover your ride with Uber. In such scenarios, Uber will be redirected to charge you from your credit card instead of using the reward points. In short, when there is shortage of points to cover a ride, your reward points will remain intact.

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