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People go crazy about free reward points and miles these days. However, it is important to have a good knowledge about how to earn miles as well as how to spend them effectively. There are numerous outlets where you can spend your miles but it won’t always be worth your effort unless you spend them in the right place. Interestingly there are a lot of online tools you can use to find out the best places where you can get most value for your miles.

Experts list down three different ways to earn free reward points and miles cheaply. They are: signing up for credit card based bonuses, doubling up credit card category rewards, and earning points through online portals. All these methods, if used mindfully, would help you get unexpected number of free miles and points.

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It is not possible to keep visiting different websites that offer free miles. Instead, just sign up for the ‘Free Trips & Tricks Newsletter’. Once you signed up for the newsletter, you would receive email alerts and notifications when any free reward points/miles offers are announced.

Another way to be updated on the latest free miles is through ‘Best Offers’. This page will alert you about the best publicly available signup offers. Once you have signed up with ‘Best Offers’, all you need to do is to just check your inbox once in a while. When any new signup offers are introduced, you will receive email alerts and then you can sign up an account with them and earn the promised points/miles.

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Frequent Miler’s Quick Deals is one more website that alerts you about free gift cards, hotel deals, flight deals, portals, etc. Frequent Miler Laboratory webpage, on the other hand, helps you make right decision about buying or spending gift cards.

Usually, when you buy gift cards, you would get some portal points. Using up the gift cards would also offer portal points. Websites like Frequent Miler Laboratory tell you what gives more points – whether it is through using up the gift card or buying new gift cards.

Whatever be the quantity of free points you have, you can sell them in return for money. You can make use of the reward points resale websites for the same. YYZ Miles helps you sell Starwoods points, Chase reward points, AA flyer points, Delta miles, or sell miles from any other provider for attractive prices. Check out our sell miles page for more info.

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