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How To Sell My Points

Though free airline points and miles are not considered to be liquid assets, they in fact are. A recent survey indicates that almost 70 percent of the people book their air tickets through flyer programs. However, only less than half of the people are aware of their airline miles. You can use these free miles for a number of purposes or use any ‘sell my points’ programs to transfer them to someone in return for money. There is no need and cause to let your free airline miles and points to expire.

Sell my points

Free airline miles can be converted to pay out subscription charges of magazines, newspapers, or for paying hotel rents. If you do not want to use your free miles, you can sell them to someone for cash. You can also donate them to charity organizations that accept them. Here is what you need to do.

  • Find out what flyer program you are using. Once you know what program you use, login to your account with that program. If you have forgotten your login credentials, get in touch with the customer support desk to retrieve the details. Usually, you would be able to retrieve the credentials by providing them with the last four digits of your credit card.
  • Check your free points or miles in the program. This is an important step because you can know the actual value of your free miles or points against dollars only by knowing how many points you have in the account.
  • Find out buyers for your points. You can either sell it to prospective buyers on your own, or through brokers. If you are doing it yourself, then it is important to verify the buyer first. You can also bargain with them before selling them the points.

    Sell My Points

    Sell My Miles

  • It is recommended to figure out the actual value of your free miles against dollar first. There are several ‘sell my points’ programs, which would give you a rough picture about the value of free airline miles. If your buyer has account with the same airline program that you are using, you can transfer your points directly to their account.

Free miles are more or less like liquid assets. They can be of real help when you are in financial crisis. So make use of them through a trusted broker like the YYZ Miles, who will help you get the best deal by way of their ‘sell my points’ schemes.

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