Major Benefits of Opting for a Hotel-Branded Credit Card

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Hotel-Branded Credit Card

Hotel-branded credit cards are becoming increasingly popular among all travelers nowadays. They allow you to enjoy free stays, earn discounts while traveling, upgrades to the rooms, as well as benefit from the hotel loyalty member rewards. Hotel-branded credit cards have many other rewards too, and they allow a customer to earn by spending on hotel stays and travel. As most of the hotel-branded credit cards are offered in collaboration with many airlines, it will allow you enjoy VIP status, free nights, and additional points on flight bookings.

There are mainly two types of hotel-branded credit cards – co-branded and general travel. For frequent travels that use one hotel chain throughout, a co-branded hotel card would be the best option. A general travel card, on the other hand, is best suited for those who travel occasionally. By signing up for a hotel-branded credit card, you could avail several benefits during your travel, besides earning free miles and reward points. Below are some of the major benefits of opting for a hotel-branded credit card.

Huge Bonuses

Signing up for a hotel-branded credit card earns you huge bonuses than that offered by airline credit cards. You can use these points when you sell miles or redeem them for many other purposes such as for having a privileged status in a hotel chain or getting loyalty memberships.

Many of the hotel chains now offer branded credit cards with huge bonuses like the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Business and Hilton HHonors Surpass American Express. They offer about 100,000 points to cover the initial spending that you can use to spend a night at their major hotels.

Increased Earnings and Rebates

Using a hotel-branded credit card offers more than the usual one-mile-per-dollar-spent policy. Cards such as the IHG Rewards Club Select allow you to earn double the points for spending on dining, gas, and groceries. Similarly, you can earn about two dollars for each dollar spent on restaurants, airlines, and car rental on Marriott Rewards Premier and Hyatt Visa cards.

Besides, using these cards also gives many bonuses and rebates. Hotel-branded credit cards such as the Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa gives you ten percent points earned on the purchases made in a year.

Elite Status

Besides the bonuses and earnings, using a hotel-branded credit card has the other advantage of granting you elite status in hotels. It will entitle you to become a member of the elite guest category in a hotel that will confer you with a luxurious stay and access to numerous facilities.

For example, owning a Hilton HHonors Citi Reserve or American Express Surpass card allows you to become a gold guest. It provides you with bonus points for hotel stays, complimentary breakfast, late checkout, and free Wi-Fi.

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