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The perks of using a hotel loyalty program can be far more valuable than anything the airlines can offer. People often overlook the benefits they can avail on the ground. Not only does this not drain you as often, but you actually get to enjoy yourself more. Here are some golden rules to apply to that end.

  • Get comfortable. This in itself is the main object of all your efforts. Sign up online to get free perks like free in-room Wi-Fi, mobile check-in and discounts, and freebies like bar credit. With a hotel, it is easier to earn elite status than while flying with an airline. Also, this makes more sense because people actually spend more time in their hotel than in the air.
  • Stick to a chain. There are heaps of benefits from staying under a company’s umbrella, such as free nights, room upgrades, late checkout and breakfast. Chains with properties around the world offer plenty of choices were awards go. Meanwhile the smaller chains work extra hard to earn and keep your loyalty.
  • Choose your cards carefully. The travel rewards credit card is one of the most important decisions you will make in light of the reward points you stand to earn. The ones you can use at multiple hotel chains are invariably the best. It is definitely a bonus if the points are transferrable to partners at full value. Co-branded aren’t usually worth as much, but there are certain benefits you would appreciate, like free night’s stay each year.

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  • Spend your points. Most points become useless after 12 months of earning them, which is one of the reasons you should make the most out of what you have inside that time. Booking early in high season is a good thing, and so is being on the lookout for promotions as they roll out. Register as soon as you hear about it, and to keep track of special deals, follow blogs. Just make sure the points don’t go to waste, because that’s not a good feeling.

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