Redeeming Vs Selling Airline Miles

Sell Miles

Use Air Miles

For a person with a busy travel schedule that involves a lot of flying, one of the things that keep adding up besides the fatigue, is airline miles. Someone fitting this description is unlikely to have immediate plans for redeeming the reward points, and more prone to view them as wasted currency, after a fashion. One attractive option for those tired souls, is finding the highest paying mileage brokerage website.

Of course, there are other ways to redeem air miles. You could spend them on a lot of things such as hotel stay, car rentals, gift cards, etc. However, these things come for cheaper when you are paying in cash. Essentially, they cost more miles after conversion when that is your mode of payment. This is a pitfall everyone wants to avoid.

If you go for selling airline miles instead then you could use that cash, or stow it in the bank. This significantly broadens your options, because nothing spends like real money. Airline miles will never get so big as to enable spending them everywhere. You could not always catch a cab and pay with airline rewards.

Redeem Air Miles

Selling Airline Miles

YYZ Miles helps you sell miles, credit card points, and other rewards, to someone who needs them and is ready to pay. For the guy with the points, doing that makes more sense than holding on and waiting for a flight they could use. If they were already making frequent flights, which these miles did not cover, the miles are going to waste. If you decided to sell miles online, this would be perfectly legal, despite airline companies frowning on it. However the sale goes, you are guaranteed payment through a secure method of choice.

When you sell miles to a broker such as YYZ Miles, they transfer these points to the buyer’s airline account. You get notified after the transaction goes through. This is safe and rewarding, the latter primarily because you walk away richer for letting go of something you had no use for. The typical payout is also higher when you do business with YYZ Miles. The airline on the other hand would have bought your miles for a sorry rate, or charged for transferring to a relative, colleague or friend. On the satisfaction front, a seller can feel better that someone else is benefitting from their generous decision to dump mileage.

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