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Reward points are one of the factors that drive people into the purchasing things these days. Realizing this, most retailers offer free reward or royalty programs. Well, if you are expecting any reward or loyalty points through your purchases, you must sign up for the best program that offers them.

Retailers are also looking forward to convincing people into joining a reward program because it is one of the best marketing techniques there. Usually, when you join a reward program, you are required to provide them with your personal details such as email ID, mobile number, and street address. Sometimes you are required to fill in a form that contains questions about your spending and shopping habits, etc. These details are enough for the retailers to drive you into future shopping.

There are hundreds of reward programs out there. You must be careful in choosing the right program. Here is a list of some leading reward programs and the extent of benefits you can receive from them. Perhaps this will be helpful for you to decide on the right provider.

Starbucks Reward Program

Starbucks offers ‘My Starbuck Rewards’ program. It will be useful for you if you are a Starbucks coffee lover. Like any reward program, you will get more Starbucks rewards when you order more of this caffeine fix. Once you join this reward program, you can get free rewards from popular coffee chains. When you have enough Starbucks rewards, you can use them to have coffee from their outlets. You can also sell them through any leading sell miles websites.

Amazon Reward Program

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Sell Reward Points

Amazon is the biggest online shopping site in the world. Amazon rewards are accepted in different places like drugstores, gas stations, restaurants, etc. You can also use the accumulated rewards while checking out at the When you join the Amazon reward program club, you will get an Amazon rewards card. It requires credit card sign up and approval to get started with the program. The rewards card will make you eligible for 3% cashback on all Amazon purchases. You will get 2% discount at restaurants, drugstores, and gas stations where Amazon cards are accepted.


Members of CVS ExtraCare Reward program are eligible for special discounts at checkouts. In addition to that, the members will get quarterly rewards with extra bucks worth 2% of the quarterly purchases. These extra bucks can be sold through sell miles websites if you want.

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