Selling and Transferring Airline Miles for Good

Most of the airlines these days offer frequent flyer bonus programs, wherein the person can make use of the miles to get rewards, especially in the form of discounted flight tickets. If you have enough miles to pay for the flight ticket, it is good. You do not have to wait for the miles to build up to book flight tickets. You may sell, buy, or transfer your reward points and miles to bag in an alluring deal.

Selling Miles

If you do not wish to make use of the reward points, you can sell it to someone who needs the miles. Anyone can sell miles through a reliable online broker. For this, you just need to provide your contact information, number of miles you want to sell, name of the airline company, expiration date, and the expected price per mile. The mileage broker would then find a buyer for your airline miles, and the miles will get transferred to the account of the buyer. Once the transaction is finished, you will receive the payment.

If you are directly selling air miles to someone, you can cut out the broker fee. This is similar to a transfer, but the difference is that you will get money, or gifts for the transfer of miles. This is a good method to sell miles, but the method has many risks involved in it, especially if the person who bought the miles is unable to find the seat that they need. So better to go with an agent who is well-versed in the miles transfer business.

Airline companies allow users to offer the miles to friends, family, or charities, but only if the recipient has an account with the same airline services. To do this, you can click on the Transfer Miles button on the reward program page, and provide required data like account information, details of the buyer, and the number of miles you wish to transfer. Even though sharing miles is free, do not assume that the complete process is free. The airline agencies also charge a stipulated fee for transfers.

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