Some Air Miles Secrets Only Frequent Flyers Know

Frequent flyers are often experts in redeeming and collecting miles for free travel. They know the best ways to squeeze out more value for each point, how to acquire more miles faster, where to find more awarding seats, and so. Below are some simple hacks used by frequent flyers for acquiring more miles that you can use for a free vacation trip.

Earning More Miles on Ground is Easier When Compared to Air

Even for the frequent flyers, a good portion of the miles acquired is from ground, and not from air. It is because most airline credit cards offer award miles through spending, not based on how far you fly. However, gaining points includes non-flying purchases as well. Use your card to for paying for all your expenses and watch your miles get added up.

There is no Need for an Airline Credit Card

A portion of the best travel rewards credit cards are not airline branded cards, though their points could be transferred to airline miles of your preference. It is in fact a good thing; this gives you the flexibility of choosing a credit card which offers the best rewards for your category of purchase. Say if you were a frequent visitor of restaurants, choose a credit card which offers extra bonus points for dinning.

Each Redemption Option does not Offer Same Value

When redeeming miles, frequent travelers know exactly how to look for the best deal. They plan ahead of time in order to grab the top award price, as well as compare different routes making higher value for their reward points.

Award Flights by Partner Airlines

If you are looking for an award seat on a specific airline, look for one that accepts your airline miles and search through their offered flights. Airline partner sites sometimes award seats only on it rather than the particular airline site and might even offer lower rates for the same trip.

First Class International and Business Flights

First class and business seats cost 2 to 3 fold compared to a normal ticket. However, if you were using miles to pay for your ticket, it would cost only 50% more to the normal rates. Therefore, it is better to use your accumulated miles for booking first class international flights instead of going for coach.

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