Some New Credit Cards You May Want To Try Out

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AmEx SimplyCash

The credit card business is a competitive one, and you have issuers releasing new products all the time so they can get new customers. With every new card, your old account stops being the best in terms of features and terms. These don’t get offered to new customers, but if you still have one, it makes sense to add newer cards with more competitive benefits. Several new cards have sprung out this year, with additional rewards and benefits.

AmEx SimplyCash Plus

This is a small business card with 5% cashback when you spend at office supply stores, and 3% cashback when spending on one of the eight mentioned categories, including restaurants and gas stations. For new cardholders, there is a $200 statement credit when they spend $3,000 inside three months of account opening. This also comes with no-interest APR introductory financing, and there is no annual fee for the card.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Chase has a standard Freedom credit card that has been around for many years, and it has a 5% cashback on up $1,500 spent in each quarter, with shifting bonus categories, plus a 1% cashback on other categories. The Freedom Unlimited card comes as an addition to the standard card, and gives 1.5% percent cashback on all purchases.

If you are a new cardholder, you get $150 bonus when you spend $500 inside three months of opening the account, plus a bonus of $25 if you add an authorized cardholder in the same period and they make a purchase. New applicants also get 15 months of financing without interest charged, for both new purchases and balance transfers, for a 1.5% balance transfer fee. The card has no annual fee.

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SimplyCash Plus

Barclaycard’s JetBlue And JetBlue Plus

JetBlue just changed partners from AmEx to Barclaycard, and just brought out a few new credit cards. The standard JetBlue brings 10,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 inside 90 days of opening the account. It is also possible to get thrice the points as dollars spent on JetBlue purchases, twice what you spend at restaurants and grocery stores, and as many points when you spend elsewhere.

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