How To Spend Your Expiring Airline Miles

Expiring Airline Miles

Trade Airline Miles

Internet can be your friend in many ways, one of them being that it allows you to find best deals on many things, including air travel. One thing about getting cheap flight tickets from anywhere and everywhere, is that your accounts accrue reward miles, which can pay for a lot of stuff. But you likely wouldn’t have them in sufficient numbers to count for a free flight.

The first thought to pop into your head would be, ‘should I sell my airline miles or redeem them?’ There is a veritable slew of options open in the latter regard, but which deal is good enough? It is imperative to pick one before your miles expire. Unless you are okay with them going to waste, much as the time spent reading this post if that is the case. Assuming neither is, here is a rundown of how to spend expiring airline miles.

Get A Magazine Subscription

Personally, I would sell my airline miles for cash instead. But in fairness to the subhead, your airline miles can be used to subscribe to your favorite magazine. Around 400 to 500 miles can get a decent national magazine for a year, and rates can fall above or below that range. It is a good way to use a low mileage balance if you are not looking to cash in with a broker site such as YYZ Miles.

Get Hotel Points

Sell My Airline Miles

Sell Air Miles

Some people care more about hotel stay than free flights, and for them there are loyalty programs, which allow swapping airline miles. Hilton’s HH program, for instance, takes 5,000 AA miles for about twice the number of HH rewards points, although the rates have changed. Point is, you can have mileage converted and pay for hotel stay with their loyalty points, which may hold other benefits.

Donate Them

Many charities accept airline miles as donations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This would serve as a constructive contribution to society while making sure you are not letting your rewards go to waste. With some airlines, it is as easy as picking the donation option they have in their menu.

Still, barring the option to donate, there is no better way to benefit from your air miles than selling them. If you are still wondering, ‘how do I Sell my airline miles?’, head to the YYZ Miles seller page, and follow simple instructions to get started.

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