Star Alliance on a Continental Experience

Star alliance celebrated its twentieth anniversary last week by giving travelers a chance to win frequent flyer miles. “As part of our 20th anniversary, we are celebrating the strength of human and cultural connections. In order to continue building these, together with our member airlines, we are offering travelers a truly unique prize,” Jeffrey Goh, CEO of Star Alliance, quoted in the press release. Reports say that affiliate members are also going to participate in the competition, which ends on July 31.

The airline company is planning to encourage more travelers to fly frequently. To enter the competition, travelers should upload a selfie and share information on favored traveling experiences to continents and beyond. The details shared should give Star Alliance an overall idea regarding travelers abroad. Note that the airline company screens the quality of photos, so use the selfie stick accordingly. Moreover, these photographs would appear on the cultural experience map on the Star Alliance homepage.

Most of the frequent travelers have stories to tell and want to give insider tips to others. The company officials say that this would connect their frequent travelers located at different places. The winner of the contest would bring home a special prize, would take a Hawaii flight, or sell frequent flyer miles.

In this inspired competition, more than 28 affiliates have tied hands with Star Alliance. The affiliates of Star Alliance include Air Canada, Thai Airlines, United Airlines, and Scandinavian Airlines. Famous “nomad” of National Geographic Channel, Robert Reid, has also volunteered to share personal recommendations and experiences through this program. The National Geographic Channel would also accompany Star Alliance being partners to the exotic Europe-based airline.

These airline companies have the pleasure-filled experience of hosting travelers who flew frequently to altitude-high places. The frequent flier program is not a spur-of-the-moment phenomenon. In fact, people tend to sell frequent flyer miles from time to time. This is just one chance to increase frequent flier points, the other one being flying. One way or the other, flying is a continental drift of sorts.

The competition airs in up to nine languages on the Star Alliance website.

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