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You think you fly a lot? Then maybe you should check out the SPG infographic that shows the travel patterns of members in the past year. There was this one guy that the scored 30 million points! While a lot of it is probably from hotel stays, there had to9 be a significant amount of the credit card spending that happened.

Another SPG member racked up 677,000 points from Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight in Vegas, and option that offered as part of a ‘special experiences’ redemption.

Members of the rewards program have been skittish after the announcement that Marriott acquired Starwood. The former hasn’t announced what it plans to do with the program, but CEO Arne Sorenson says it is going to stay a solid value.

The program has been giving out just that this past year; one person earned over 800,000 points for booking meetings at a Starwood property. Sheraton New York Times Square is the Starwood hotel that people book for redemptions. The infographic shows that one SPG member booked 73 different hotels the past year alone.

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Starwood has been partners with the Delta Air Lines in a program that awards every dollar spent on flights, with one member earning 247,560 points. This person actually spent $247,560 on flights alone, which is a lot of flying. Starwood has included almost 22,000 new rooms to the fold, because SPG customers obviously don’t mess around when it comes to earning points.

Many road warriors are just tired, though. It gets to a point where it is too much effort to watch the value (and do the numbers), especially if you don’t normally travel much. Your points may be the accidental remainder of a time when you were still that person, but points don’t spend everywhere. And that signals the need to sell off those points before they go obsolete. They are a form of currency after all.

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