The New Freedom App Allows Easier Points Earning And Redemption

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Chase’s New App

Chase just made it easier for customers to earn and redeem points, with the launch of their Chase Freedom® mobile app. Customers now have added convenience when it comes to store purchases, and can also more easily choose bonus categories in the program.

In-Store Redemption

Most rewards still need to be redeemed on the company’s website; unless you have a coupon code that lets you do the same with an online retailer or at a specific store. That means you need to plan beforehand, and even remember to redeem rewards before going to the store. The new mobile app lets you forego the effort and redeem right at the store.

If you had, for example, a cart full of things ready to be billed at target, and wanted to pay for some of that with your Chase Ultimate Rewards, the Freedom app can be helpful. It lets you use the points for a gift card at the store, which loads onto your phone. Show that at the counter and you can check out using the gift card, which is a big improvement over printing it out at home and carrying it to the store.

Bonus Category Activation

One thing that makes Chase Freedom popular is the fact that it has rotating bonus categories. It is possible to earn up to 5 % in rewards on up to $1,500 in combined spending per quarter. The categories here have included gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. But the customer needed to remember to activate their bonuses each quarter. Now, that is no longer the case – you can activate your bonus categories suing your phone.

Chase Is Making A Strong Technology Play

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Chase Freedom

Chase was among the first large banks which included an AppleWatch app under its mobile banking offerings, and to date the company has given out robust apps for budgeting. The Freedom app is apart from the main Chase banking app, which says they are willing to put out new technology that is useful to customers.

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