The Secrets Of Getting More Money For Your Reward Points

Sell Chase Points

Free Reward Programs

Everyone is given out free reward points and miles. However, only a few seem to know how to maximize them or use them effectively and meaningfully enough. Reward points are of many kinds: credit card based rewards, shopping rewards, membership rewards, etc.

These reward programs are not just used by end-users. Business owners are also entitled for many reward programs. In fact, they have more chances to earn reward points when they make bulk purchases. However, note that you do not have to spend more in order to earn more rewards. The best way to earn rewards is to spend watchfully.

Don’t go to purchase things when there are no reward offers. There are several online programs and tools to help you learn about the free reward offers. With their help, you can stay updated about all the reward programs in your area, and make the most of them.

Why Should I Sell My Miles Or Reward Points

Earning reward points and miles is not hard because you will keep getting them once you sign up with a FF or reward points program. But just because you have got some points in your account does not mean you will benefit from them. In fact, the extents of benefits from your free rewards depend on how and when you use them.

Sell My Miles

Maximize Your Rewards

Selling miles is a good way to maximize your benefits. As per recent surveys, most buyers are ready to pay you more than a cent per point or mile. This is much more than what you get through your FF program or as shopping returns. You just need to get in touch with the right buyer.

It is also important to determine how much market value your miles are worth at the time of selling. The rate of FF miles varies from time to time. It is also observed that certain reward points have got constant value in the market. For instance, American Express points will give you less than a cent against your points. However, they would always give you between 0.5 and 0.7 cents. Furthermore, they would allow you to get special gift check of $50 against 10,000 points.

It is important that you be choosey about selling your miles through any ‘sell my miles’ program. For certain purposes such as booking Airline tickets or renting hotels, you can get more benefits in exchange of your points. So it is better to consult YYZ Miles and make sure you maximize on your reward points.

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