Things You Need To Know Before Selling Free Airline Miles

Sell My Miles

Selling Free Miles

If you were booking your air tickets through American Express credit card, you would have accumulated certain points in the process. You can use the same for a variety of purposes; like booking air tickets, movies, or for paying hotel rents, or subscription charges of magazines, newspaper, etc. If you prefer selling these miles to using them for any of the aforementioned purposes, there are brokers who can help you sell the same as well.

Where can I sell my miles?

American Express gift cards and free miles are accepted in most of the places where the credit card itself is accepted, which means you can use them in quite a number of places. However, it is important that you know how much balance you have before heading to a merchant. Contact the American Express credit card customer support to get details about your available balance.

How to sell my miles

If you plan to sell your free airline miles gathered through booking air tickets using your American Express credit card, ensure that you contact the right person. Finding out a person who is really in need of free miles in exchange of money is not very easy. Only a person who is frequently associated with transacting free miles can identify a genuinely interested buyer for free miles. Get in touch with a broker instead and instruct them to ‘sell my miles’.

Free Airline Miles

Money For Free Miles

Don’t hurry to use your free gifts

There are several ways to use your gift cards. So there is no need to hurry in order to use the free miles or the points in your account. By planning out a bit, you can ensure that your gift cards are used properly. Before spending the free miles, try to get a rough picture about the current market value for the miles.

When you sign into your American Express online account, you would find sections where you can check your gift card balance and free miles. Check the points you have and contact a broker who can help you sell them for the top dollar.

Through effective bargain, you can sell your free miles to interested buyers at attractive price. Search for advises and guidelines on selling miles online. When you do the search, use the keyword ‘how do I sell my miles,’ and you will get the relevant details on the same.

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