Tips For Converting Unused Airline Flyer Miles Into Magazine Subscriptions

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Airline Cash For Miles

The subscription charges of the international magazines like the Economist, Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, etc., are too high that people often prefer to stop subscribing them after a couple of years. Well, if you are planning to do so because of your financial limitations, you can try out an alternative there. That option is to convert your airline cash for miles to the subscription charge of many popular magazines and newspapers.

Today, most people book their airline tickets online. Each time a ticket is booked, you would receive certain points or cash for miles. However, people do not often remember about these points the next time they book a flight. As a result, these points remain unused.

You can use these unused points to pay the subscription charge of your favorite magazines. All you need to have is a computer with internet and your flyer account number. Here is how to go about it.


  • The total cash for miles you will have in store will depend on how often you use your flyer accounts to travel. If you are a frequent traveler, chances are high that you will have several unused airline miles. Get the account numbers of all your flyer accounts.
  • Now, check which of the magazines you prefer provide cash for miles exchange offers. Airline services such as Delta Sky Miles, American Airlines, and Northwest Workperks allow you to use their unused miles for the magazine subscriptions.
  • Search online for the airline flyer program that you often use. Now, get ready to trade your unused cash for miles for magazines.
  • You will find a list of magazines offered for subscription on the internet. Select your preferred magazine. Be sure to check if the magazine subscription is online or offline. If both are offered, you will have to specify the type of subscription you would love to have.

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  • You may have to sign up an account with magazine. Sign up the account as per the directions. Enter your personal details as well as the airline flyer miles account details. Follow the directions carefully, fill in the columns and you are done.

Remember that your free airline miles are subject to expiration if kept unused. So, use them as early as possible. For more details about converting your airline miles into useful magazine subscriptions, contact your airline company’s customer support desk.

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