Tips for Getting the Best Value from your Air Miles

Frequent flyer mileage programs are so popular in the country that many American citizens have signed up for at least one of them. The increased usage of flights for leisure and business related travel purposes undertaken by many people have contributed to the accumulation of billions of miles in their frequent flyer accounts. What’s more, the array of flyer programs offered now by almost all of the airline companies has resulted in the growing popularity of flyer miles among the customers.

However, most of the travelers are unaware of the many possibilities that exist in properly utilizing the flyer miles. One can get an increase in the earning as well as the value of the miles by a proper know-how of the various aspects to flyer programs. The following are some tips to elicit the best value and earn more miles from the frequent flyer mileage programs of airline companies.

Faithful to One Airline

In selecting an airline, go for one having route systems that match closely with your frequent travel means. After deciding on that, rely on that airline for accumulating the maximum amount of frequent flyer miles in a single account.

Using one airline for all travel purposes enables you to have an elite membership in their frequent flyer program offerings. Enrolling in such elite membership then offers many privileges like extra mileage on every trip, opting preferred coach seats in the flight, and easy promotions into first class on domestic flights.

Opting Top Flyer Alliances

Many of the airline companies in the world form frequent flyer alliances with each other. For the travelers, this is quite beneficial because flying in the partnered carriers of the airline allows accumulating more mileage points into their account. Travelers can also accumulate more miles in their elite membership status with their primary airline service.

Using Airline Marketing Partners

Nowadays, most of the airline companies have utilized the potential of their frequent flyer miles as effective marketing tools. This is carried out by including a variety of non-airline partners like restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, mortgage companies, etc. Since the flyer miles are not solely earned from flights, it is wise to plan regarding purchasing from the marketing partners of the airlines using the reward points.

Co-Branded Credit Card

Co-branded credit cards like Citibank-American AAdvantage and FirstUSA-United Mileage Plus adds one mile for every dollar. For business travelers, co-branded credit cards are especially useful in earning more mileage.

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