Tips For Making The Best Out Of Your Free Miles And Reward Points

Sell Chase Points

Redeem Free Miles

The free reward points you have earned can be used for a number of benefits, ranging from booking hotels to subscribing to your favorite magazines. If you don’t want to sell Chase points or sell miles from any other provider, you can still use them for booking hotels.

If you plan to use your rewards to book your rooms, remember that you will need a lot of them. If the hotel is not giving you the value you deserve for your rewards, you might have to pay the remainder amount by cash.

Interestingly, there are quite a number of ways through which you can earn and redeem points. The best way to get maximum value for your reward points or miles is to transfer them to any reliable loyalty programs.

You can book flights or hotel rooms directly from the loyalty program. Some of these loyalty programs would give you as much as 1.15 cents against a point or mile. Notwithstanding this, it should be noted that not every loyalty program would give you same amount of the benefits while booking hotels or flights through them.

For instance, as long as you are concerned about using up your Chase reward points, the right loyalty partner to transfer your points to is Hyatt, because it gives most value for that. Similarly, there are appropriate loyalty program for each type of reward programs you are using.

Well, if you are not ready to try your luck with any of these loyalty programs, the next option is to evaluate a few alternative options.

Sell Miles

Use Free Miles

Use any travel website to find out the places that gives the best rates. Once you have a clear idea about that, you can book your tickets directly with your points or the flyer account.

Many international hotels offer discounts, cash back offers, points, etc., on special occasions. It would be a good idea to find out a reputable travel portal and visit it frequently so that you can choose your favorite destination and hotel at discounted price.

Be it is for booking the hotel or flight, you can redeem your free miles for higher rate if you were aware of their actual market value. If you have got some miles at hand and want to sell miles, check with a reliable broker and find out how much they are worth; you can trade them better this way.

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