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These days you have many companies, which go an inordinately long way to promote products. One of the ways they do this is by offering credit card rewards. Even the credit card company offers the same; as long as you use the card they have issued you. This way they get to boost their own business, because the customer has incentive to make use of the car instead of paying in cash.

But when it gets time to collect on those points, many people discover belatedly that these can only be redeemed for minimal benefits. While there are many companies that offer genuine rewards, many of them do not intend to let the consumer benefit from the points they have rightfully earned. If you are lucky, you get cash backs, or gift cards to a popular retail store or outlet.

Then there are co-branded credit cards, issued by companies that have a tie up with a particular store in this regard. The customer can reap added benefits by visiting these stores to avail purchases at cut prices. Still there is a limit to the benefits, and also, you would need a minimum number of points for them to be of use. Sometimes, it can take years just to reach that number. This is one of the reasons why you see so many people trying to sell reward points.

Reward Point Catalog

Credit Card Rewards

As long as you are getting a card just to use the reward points, one thing to do is check the reward point catalog of the company. If there is a particular gift item you have an eye on, you will be clear on how many points will bring it in your grasp. If the catalog doesn’t have anything you want, you are better of finding a good way to sell reward points online.

If you had not known that could be done, you do now. There are quite a few broker sites, which offer good returns on your airline or credit card rewards, such as YYZ Miles. They handle all of the headache of finding a buyer and fixing a good rate. This makes online the best place to sell reward points. You simply fill out a form and specify the type of points you are selling, and how many of them you are willing to let go of. Leave an email or phone number so they can get back to you. When they do, you can sell reward points to the highest bidder.

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