Transactions With American Express Gift Cards – Guidelines For Beginners

Sell American Express Points

American Express Gift Cards

When you use the American Express credit card, you get some points or gift cards. The best part is that they are accepted anywhere in the world where American Express is accepted, which means you can use them to pay at the restaurants, specialty shops, grocery shops, or wherever you like.

These days, the American Express points and gift cards are accepted for online shopping as well. That said, not everyone is aware of this. As a result, his or her points and gifts expire without benefiting anyone. If you have got some free points or gift cards either as gifts from your friends or relatives or by using your American Express card, here are some useful tips to make use of them.

Sell American Express Points

If you are not going to use your points or gift cards from American Express in any time soon, sell American Express points and get money in return. This way, you don’t waste your free points or cards.

Sign your gift card as soon as possible

The gift cards from American Express are identical. Anyone who gets your gift cards by chance can use it. So, make sure that you keep your gift cards unique by signing on the back.

Note down the serial number of your card

American Express Credit Card

Points From American Express

The serial number of your American Express card must be noted down. When you use your American Express gift cards or points for online purchases, you do not physically submit the cards to them but just numbers. Therefore, by noting down these numbers on a piece of paper and keeping them in your files, you do not have to worry even if your card is lost.

Have an idea about how much money you have in the gift card

It is very important to know how much money you have in your gift card from American Express. Never go shopping or sell American Express points without knowing this. For this, you can contact the American Express customer support desk and request them to process your card details. They may ask you to provide them with the serial number on the card and the CVV, so be ready with the details.

American Express gift cards and points are just like prepaid credit cards. They can be used for all your purchases. Bottom line; do not let your gift cards and points to expire. If you do not use it, sell American Express points to someone in exchange of money.

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