United’s Latest Survey Has Some Weird Questions For You

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If you have ever thought customer satisfaction surveys are the worst part of being a customer, you are not alone. Plenty of people have to sit through annoying questions they would rather not respond to.

United Airlines seems to be upping the ante on making weird enquiries, by recently asking customers it surveyed, among other things, whether they owned a gerbil. This was from the Opinion Miles Club, which lets United Mileage Plus members earn 300 award miles for completing a 40-minute long survey.

United customer Andrew Nier said he received an invitation to a “professional” survey that would focus on his life and work experiences, and while he did see himself giving out nominal information about workplace, coworkers and dream vacation, he didn’t expect the following questions to come up.

  • Do you currently work as a plumbing insulator?
  • Have you posted a bail for anyone in the last 30 days?
  • Do you own a gerbil?
  • Have you purchased at least 7 lb of lobster in the past week?

Are The Rewards Worth It?

Putting up with the strangeness of these surveys sure pays off in the form of award miles. Then comes the point where you redeem them, and not everyone has the skill there to always come out on top.

An average customer wouldn’t have the time or wherewithal to find the best possible ways to use those miles. More often than not, the usefulness of these rewards falls short of expectations.

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If you decide to be patient, there is this other thing – sooner or later, reward miles and points expire. Right before that is about to happen, you start hunting for ways to spend them well, but most rewards have very few spending options that aren’t a rip-off.

If you are all about extending their availability, it is possible by spending through a credit card linked to the program. That can keep your account active. Although, you would be paying substantial annual fees after the first year.

When you think about it, selling your useless reward points online is the best thing to do with them, which isn’t hard either. These days it is also the most lucrative option you can go with.

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