Useful Tips to Increase Avios Reward Points

Frequent flyers that carry out many holidays and business trips are the main recipients of airline reward schemes. Among the various airline reward schemes available, Avios is the most prominent one. It allows frequent flyers to collect points and sell British Airway points that can be used for getting free flights or for any upgrades to the existing schemes. Frequent flyers can earn reward points using the scheme by flying with either British Airways or any of its partners such as Flybe, Iberia, and Aer Lingus.

Compared to other flights, British Airways offers 125 points per flight. The top-up balance points are up to 100,000 Avios for each year. These points will expire after a period of three years if they are not collected, spent, or transferred. However, these reward points are also available to others who do not fly regularly.

There are several ways that to increase the Avios reward points for occasional flyers. Below are some useful tips to increase Avios reward points.

Collect Points when Spending

When you access Avios E-store, you can stack up points when purchasing anything online. The presence of numerous retailer offers is a way to increase your rewards point earnings. Brands such as John Lewis allow earning about two points for every one pound that a user spends. These points increase in other reputed brands, allowing a flyer to accumulate many points during their spending when purchasing online.

Swapping Loyalty Points from Other Schemes

There is also the option to exchange your current loyalty points from other airline schemes with that of Avios points. Users can exchange their points by spending 2.50 pounds for Clubcard vouchers that allow them to earn an additional 600 Avios points. In supermarkets, it allows you to earn one point for one pound spent.

These rates are increased with five points for one pound and about eight points for a pound when shopping elsewhere. These swapping of points are one of the most rewarding aspects of the Avios scheme.

Using Survey Sites

This is one of the easiest ways to rack up the airline points for both frequent and occasional flyers. By providing an opinion onto survey sites that are signed up with Avios scheme, one can actually earn Avios points for free. Sites such as e-Rewards pay the user with opinion points each time a user completes a survey. This can be easily exchanged for Avios reward points and a user can earn about 800 points just by signing up for an account and completing the survey.

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