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The ways airlines do business don’t usually make sense right off the bat. Carriers sometimes charge you more for a one-way ticket than a round-trip, which usually doesn’t make any sense. Most airline companies also charge a lot less by way of FF miles as well as lower fees for their award tickets on partner airlines, than on their own airlines.

Take British Airways for instance. The carrier charges big on the transatlantic award flights, unless you use its rewards points on a partner airline such as Air Berlin or Aer Lingus. You could be spending 29,500 Avios and $317 for a one-way ticket from Miami to Dusseldorf on British Airways, along with a connection in London. If you are spending the same points on Air Berlin, you get a non-stop fight to Germany without having spent as many points or dollars.

It is possible to leverage the quirks in this program to wrangle the best value out of the available deals. Avios is among the easiest FF rewards that you can collect, because a lot of the times Chase comes up with a sin-up bonus of 100,000 miles on their BA card. British Airways is also partners with American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest. In addition, they let you put those miles in a family-friendly mileage account.

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Admittedly, British Airways’ website isn’t the easiest to get a hang of, but once you do, it can be really useful. This is one of the ways to squeeze more juice out of your American AAdvantage miles. An Executive Club account can be had for free, so sign up for that, and then log in, hit Spending Avios, followed by Book A Reward Flight. The flight search that comes up is pretty straightforward, although it is not much for multi-leg trip planning. If the itinerary doesn’t show up online, you may need to book the trip by call. There is a chance you will get the booking fee waived, so ask for it.

Where To Use Avios

Avios can be really valuable when you are booking a domestic flight on American Airlines, because the latter uses a zone system for pricing, instead of distance. Then there is also the option of selling them online for a profit. YYZ Miles can help you find the best deals to sell British Airway points online. Head to our seller page, fill out information about the rewards points you are holding, and we will get back with a cool deal.

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