Using Your AmEx Rewards

Sell AmEx Points

Airline Points

An AmEx card is a great way to carry and spend your cash securely. Few credit card companies outdo this in terms of features and provisions placed before the customer, which is why it is a highly popular option these days. But sometimes the returns can be hard to keep track of, such as if you opt for airline miles, or gift cards. Everyone knows that cashbacks are not worth nearly as much as the other is, except in that you get the most spendable currency.

Now a gift card is only as useful as your inclination and ability to use it right, two things that into everyone has. Sure, they are a type of prepaid credit card, but there is a limit to the different places and instances you can pay using these. You will need to know if a place accepts AmEx payments, and there are plenty of establishments that do – restaurants, grocery stores, specialty shops, and even online websites.

Reward Mileage Or Points

American Express Points

With airline miles, redeeming can be even trickier, in that everything you spend on should relate to air travel – flight tickets, car rentals, hotel accommodation, etc. Here too, what counts is your willingness and capacity to make proper use of the accumulated rewards. Without either, you might as well just sell AmEx points on a broker site, which when you come to it, is a neat way to cash off.

You can sell AmEx points as well as others from rewards programs, by making use of a broker site, which would line up a buyer for you. This ensures good returns when you trade in, and a good chance that someone gets the points they need to top off their next flight. If you are sitting on points that are next to useless because flying does not figure in your plans, selling them is the best thing to do. Only if you are really sure though.

The next thing to do is find a website that lets you sell AmEx points for a good price, and do not expect top-dollar during off-seasons. Time it right and you just might walk out with a great deal. Do not forget that the points will likely help a would-be flyer to arrange their next vacation. YYZ Miles is a great place to earn from trading in your reward mileage or points. Fill in a form and tell us what rewards you want to let go off, and we will get you the best deal for miles around; no pun intended.

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