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The Chase Freedom Card is one of the most popular cards allowing you to earn rewards without any annual fee. While there are other cards giving 5 points or miles for each dollar you spend on one of the applicable categories of items, Chase Freedom is the only one that lets you move rewards to airline and hotel partners, and we all know that is where most of the redemption value usually is.

The only catch here is that you can’t move those points directly to travel partners, and in order to move points from a Chase Freedom account, it is important to have a premium Ultimate Rewards account – something like the Chase Sapphire, Ink Plus Business, etc. The points earned in Ultimate are kept separate, which means the points need to first be sent from the Freedom account into one of the others. Thankfully, Chase makes the process relatively easy.

Log in to the Ultimate rewards account, and hover the cursor over the points shown in the upper right corner to get a dropdown menu that has an option to merge those points. Choose the accounts you are transferring between, and the points you want to move. It is fast, and you can have the Freedom points moved to a partner. Alternately, you can redeem directly for travel, with point priced 1.25 cents each.

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The same applies for points you earn on the Ink Cash Business Card and the new Freedom Unlimited Card, and if you don’t have either of these, it is still possible to redeem towards gift cards, travel and cash back. Bear in mind that this kind of redemption only gets you a cent apiece. That really drops the value of the points, so you may want to stick with using the Ultimate Rewards account.

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