What Flyers Should Know About Airline Mileage Account and Buy Back of Reward Points

For many of the airline loyalty programs, airline mileage account expires if flyers don’t use the reward points or keep the account active for a time period by booking flights, making purchases in participant stores, etc. For instance, in the American Airlines AAAdvantage program, the airline mileage account will expire if flyers keep the account idle for 18 months.

However, most airlines let flyers reactive the airline mileage account post expiry for a reasonable cost mainly because airlines know that some flyers are bound to forget the expiration date. Usually, the standard cost to buy air miles back is 1.7 cent or lower, and that is the same price flyers would end up paying to buy reward points when they open the airline mileage account. Some airlines also have tiered pricing system, which encourage flyers to buy expired reward points back as a lot and that would be quite the redemption for flyers.

If 500,001 to 750,000 air miles expire from MileagePlus program of United Airlines, flyers can buy them back for $700. At the same time, in the AAadvantage program of American Airlines, buying back 250,001 to 500,000 air miles would cost flyers $2,000. Flyers would end up paying less than one penny either ways if they are to buy back points from MileagePlus or AAadvantage program as a lot.

Know When Airline Mileage Account Expires

For flyers abroad, the expiration policy of airlines varies especially for non-US airlines. For instance, Singapore Airlines mileage account would expire post three years of opening the account, even if the account stays active. Similarly, travelers need to reactivate their KrisFlyer account by paying subscription fees after three years. The Alaska Airlines, on the other hand, would close the Mileage Plan™ account post two years and delete the balances, but has a plan to reinstate air miles for a $75 subscription fee for one year post deletion.

Mileage brokers would send reminder mails to your e-mail ID if and when the airline mileage account is nearing an expiration date so you can do the needful to keep the account active. All said and done, selling airline miles to third parties online would gain flyers some liquid cash and let them keep the account active. Keep participating in loyalty programs, sell miles to flyers wanting to advance book tickets, but never let the airline mileage account of airlines expire.

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