What To Do With Your USAA Points

Cash For Points

Cash For Rewards Points

Every USAA card holder gets atomically signed up for their rewards points program. Points are earned based on the purchases you make with the card. It is easy to locate the points you have already earned. These show up within 60 days after the qualifying transactions have gone through, and can be redeemed through the purchase of gift certificates, merchandise, cruises, airline tickets, etc. You can also donate them as cash gifts to certain charities. But the most lucrative deal remains getting cash for USAA points, from a mileage broker.

The current point status can be found online. You earn each point on the spending of a qualifying dollar, which is checked as part of the net purchases done using the card. This means you will be dealing with the actual price of the item, and that excludes taxes, fees, cash advances, wire transfers, lotteries, credits, etc. No points for you there.

Redeeming can be done online if you still have a mind for it, but remember that this is final, and cannot be reversed. There is plenty of merchandise to be had, and if you check them out while they are having a sale, there is a good chance of landing a neat deal. But why take all that effort when you can just as easily get the same thing with a cash for points payout?

Rewards Points Program

Selling Rewards Points

Many people have a problem with spending their USAA points, most of this having to do with the fact that they do not really need the stuff that is on offer. Or they are tired of getting something from a catalog, because often, this is the only good way to spend those points. When you hit that wall, you start wishing for deal that gives you cash for points. Because when all is said and done, nothing spends the same way cash does.

There are plenty of mileage brokers willing to set you up with a buyer for your rewards points. All you need to do is head to the YYZ Miles page and fill in details, such as how many USAA points you want to sell, and of what kind. In short time, you will be contacted with a prospective buyer who can match your asking price, and then all you have to do is initiate the transfer of points from your own account to theirs. All transactions are secure, and you can get cash for points through whichever method works best for you.

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