What You Can Do With Airline Miles

Sell Air Miles

Using Air Miles

You see a lot of people stacking up airline miles in the hopes of using them to get something good, but they rarely get there. Most give up before that happens, or spend too soon and never get to a sizeable mileage balance. It is important to many to make the best use of these rewards, but it is hard to do that when the airline stuffs you with appealing redemption options that aren’t that.

The first mistake people make is book a flight with the points, without first checking with the airline and company they are using to travel. It could turn out that they don’t take payment of the kind, and come take-off time, this creates serious problems. It is not so hard to find a participating airline these days.

There are customers who do it easily enough, using the information they got at the start of the program participation. But this too can change, so you would need to check each time you wanted to book a flight. You don’t want to find out the hard way that the information you were using was too old by a week or a month.

Airline Miles

Selling Reward Miles

Travel isn’t the only thing you can use these miles for. Another way to spend airline mileage is on products and services. There are bound to be many companies working with the company on the rewards program, and they offer a way to put your miles to good use. Just make sure that you don’t buy stuff at a loss; watch the cent per mile return to see if you are at least close to coming out ahead.

On the other side of things, you can buy pretty much the same stuff with your credit card to get reward miles or points. Your expenses earn you points based a fixed rate. People even sell air miles earned this way to make sure they can deal in cash, which makes buying stuff a lot clearer.

It is hard to be working out the returns on your miles or points, and these don’t spend just anywhere either. To sell air miles online, head to the YYZ Miles website and enlist the mileage broker’s help in locating a buyer. Few things make as much sense as choosing to sell air miles these days, unless you have specific need of your mileage for your next flight. YYZ Miles does not just let you sell air miles but also buy them, so you are covered if the need comes up.

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