What you Need to Know about the Recent Changes in United Airlines Award Flights

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United Airlines Award Flights

United Airlines have made changes to their award flights from ‘Standard Awards’ to ‘Everyday Awards’ recently. This has set off a debate among the frequent flyers of the airline and especially the trade analysts who are mulling over the changes. One of the main concerns the change has raised is whether flyers would be able to advance book award flights using air miles in their United MileagePlus account. In response to that, the representatives of United Airlines have called the change as an upgrade to improve the customers’ ability to redeem miles.

The primary difference is ‘Everyday Awards’ pricing mechanism is not fixed quite unlike ‘Standard Awards’ system. The change caters to this primarily, notwithstanding the changes differing from flight to flight, in order to show up in the particular flight’s ticket cost in actual. In fact, the airline company published an ‘Everyday Awards’ chart also, showing the top-most prices which loyal patrons can anticipate for a United Airlines flight.

You need not redeem above 32,500 miles for a one-way, economy-class award ticket when flying in and around the Contiguous United States. When it comes to ‘Saver Awards’ though, it is somewhat costly in first class and business class, but affordable when flying in economy flights for short distances like, say, in between European countries.

The rise in the ‘Saver Awards’ prices for both first class and business class would also get carried over to the ‘Everyday Awards’ prices, especially when leaving the US. In addition, the international routes, which flyers can anticipate not to change in terms of price includes the United Airlines flights to Mexico, Central America, Northern South America, North Asia, and the Caribbean Islands.

Some of the main price variances during the recent change that are applicable to award flights appear on the flight routes, where the upgrade is made to the business class and first class. Some of the routes like Hawaii, LAX, and so on may potentially rise by 10,000 miles if you want to book tickets. In fact, United Airlines says that such routes give flyers quality service hence the increase in ‘Everyday Awards’.

Furthermore, the loyal flyers may also anticipate the flights becoming expensive especially in peak travel times, which may make the award flights at par with standard ticket costs. However, to get the best deals during peak travel times, you can sell your miles for cash and advance book flights in United Airlines as if you are buying, and not redeeming points.

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