When Airline Miles Are Close To Useless

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Using Air Miles

The present day is a time when it is ridiculously easy to rack up flyer miles. IT can happen courtesy of credit cards, online ticket purchases, mileage bonuses galore, and even “mileage malls.” Even your account statements bring in offers for more of these things, with every click and registration taking you closer to earning ore miles as you go. You can even get flyer miles for the simple act of paying for hotel stay.

Earning, as you can understand, is easy. Especially when compared to redeeming airline points meaningfully. Someone who flies once a month, for instance, can have a Delta credit card for a decade, and never be able to use it to travel.

This is because redemption has extra conditions, like having booked six months in advance of departure. Or you may need to stay a Saturday night. Of course, the most common impediment to getting a ticket with airline miles is the lack of free seats.

Trading Air Miles

It can be just as hard to make an upgrade, because some tickets are apparently eligible. So you could be holding impressive mileage in your airline account, all to no benefit. Why does this happen?

The airline sets aside a certain number of seats as eligible for FF awards; and when those are taken, your miles are worth close to nothing. Even upgrades have a cap on the number they allow, and here you also have the issue of being denied a business or first class ticket if someone else is willing to pay full fare.

Sell Airline Miles

Airline Miles

If it is your first time redeeming airline miles, the process isn’t as simple as calling the airline and asking for an upgrade or award seat. There is a PIN number required, which is redundant considering you always have to present ID when travelling.

Airport authorities are about the most habitually meticulous in the world when it comes to ensuring security. The only reason for an airline to use an additional PIN is because they prefer the ease of signing you into their own system.

If you are fed up with the mileage in your account and the way it is useless to you, there are plenty of people you can sell miles to. Someone else is always willing to go to insane trouble to secure an air ticket or upgrade. Head to the YYZ Miles sell my miles page and fill in your details. We will get in touch with a sweet deal.

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