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SkyMiles Loyalty Program

A SkyMiles member can accrue 5 miles for each dollar spent on a Delta Airline, Delta Shuttle, or Delta Connection flights. Delta Airlines is a part of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance loyalty program. Besides the free basic membership to SkyMiles, Delta Airlines gives up to four-tier elite membership status to its loyal patrons.

Members having the Medallion status may come under Silver, Platinum, Gold, and Diamond tiers. Note that frequent flyers can reach the Medallion status not with standard redeemable miles, but by earning Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs). The MQMs can be accrued as per the distance and the class flew, and the yearly spending on alliance flights using the SkyMiles membership. If you are a member to SkyMiles, you can also transfer the miles to SPG points, which would let you sell Starwoods points through the respective account.

When frequent flyers reach Medallion status, they can accrue redeemable miles by taking dining programs in partnering hotels. Once you earn 25,000 MQMs by flying beside spending $3000 Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs), you can earn the Silver Medallion status of SkyMiles. The members having the Silver Medallion status can get free checked bags, priority board flights, and get cabin upgrades as well. They can accrue 7 miles per 1 USD spent on the Delta flights.

Double up the prerequisite for Silver Medallion and you can gain a Gold Medallion status of SkyMiles. The requirement is 50,000 MQMs, besides spending $6000 MQDs or more for getting the Gold Medallion status. In addition to the perks of earning the Silver Medallion, you can get expedited security clearance and private lounge access and same day standby flight of Delta Airlines given a Gold Medallion status. You can earn up to 8 miles per 1 USD spent on the Delta flights also.

As for Platinum Medallion status, the prerequisite is earning 75,000 MQMs and spending up to $9000 MQDs or more. In addition to Gold status, a Platinum Elite Member of SkyMiles can get a welcome gift that can be bonus miles or a chance to give Silver Medallion status to someone else. The Diamond Medallion status members, on the other hand, can get a complimentary membership to Delta Sky Club and 2 welcome gifts. They can accrue 11 miles per USD spent on Delta flights.

While the MQMs won’t expire, members having any of the elite status should keep meeting the minimum MQDs yearly spending prerequisites to keep their respective elite status active. Moreover, besides the benefits on normal Delta flights, flyers having 2.5 million SkyMiles can sell the miles for cash and board Delta Private Jets given a Delta Private Jets Card with $25000.

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