Why Redeeming Credit Card Miles Is So Tough

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These days even teenagers have credit cards which get them air miles for every purchase they make at the mall. Most Americans have one way or another where they are already earning FF miles, but a very small portion of them know how to use this kind of currency.

Mileage is a simple concept – the airline has a set requisite for an award seat to be given out, and when you have the former, you can get the latter for free. And as always, terms and conditions apply, but who cares about that small bit? No one, at least until they realize it is the odd regulations that stand in the way of really benefitting from their mileage balance.

What Makes Award Tickets And Upgrades Hard To Get?

They are, unless you have a successful habit of picking the right time and place to redeem. For the uninitiated, there are several factors which make it a daunting task to actually redeem.

  • There is a limit to the number of seats they allow for award travel. No airline can simply give away as many seats as there are travelers looking to redeem, because of the simple fact that they are a business, and this would be a loss. Besides, if everyone had the chance to fly anywhere and anytime because they put their groceries and gas on a credit card, there would be mayhem. For the airline, the nightmare comprises too many non-paying flyers, which is why they only lay aside a handful of award seats.
  • Credit card mileage deals have raised the number of people holding mileage at any given time, which means the seats mentioned above can and do fill up fast. This happens very early too.
  • First and business class flights are starting to cost less. Case in point: Delta’s SimpliFares program, where day of travel walk-up fares are all under a thousand dollars.

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  • Discounted fares take away your eligibility for upgrades most of the time. For paying bargain basement fare, your ticket gets marked at the lowest class of fare, and the only thing you get while on the plane is a seat. Upgrades open up only to the travelers already paying a higher fare.
  • The origin of your mileage decides its value, and earned through actual flying it is worth. The latter give ‘medallion’ status, and people with these often get automatic upgrades. The others miss out.

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